Wooley Grange - 13th & 14th April

As the racing season is fast approaching, we can confirm that the entries on the ACU website are now open for both Wooley Grange event and Preston Docks, with Dean Moor soon to follow.

The permit number for Wooley Grange for both NETT members and also the Clubman Sidecars is ACU55809.  Entries are open for this.  Just for information, if you are a sidecar passenger who is entering on behalf of the team, remember to untick the rider button otherwise it shows as two riders.

If you are wishing to be a NETT club member, it would a great help if you could do this online.  You can still do this even if you are a member of another club and already have a licence.  Just think, 5 minutes in the warmth of your own home filling in the details on a computer, compared to standing for possibly 15 minutes in the cold early morning before you can even think about racing.  Its a no brainer to me!

Let's start the new season all prepared and ready to race.  

Yours in sport.