With only a week to go to the first round of the NETT season, if you wish to ride please can you submit your entry by Thursday evening to avoid being charged the £10 late entry fee.  You can do your entry and membership on the ACU website all in one go.   Alternatively you can download forms from the NETT website and submit to Dot at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Also, although we try our best to guess the number of children that may be racing, we cannot always guess correctly.  To avoid the disappointment on a child's face, please enter asap.  Any later and we cannot get the trophies engraved in time.  

A reminder - anyone who won a Brian Winrow trophy last year, please can you bring it with you to Wooley or if you are not coming arrange to have it sent back so that it can be given out at wooley next weekend. 

MARSHALS - we currently have 5 for Saturday and 6 for Sunday. We have put messages out to the local cadet forces in an effort to find more volunteers.  We need 15 per day to meet requirements to allow riders to race in safety. If you can help please contact Jo Best on 07910 243788.