Preston Docks MX have advised that in the interests of safety, ordinarily have a very strict ride in the paddock go home policy, which is in force during the event, where anybody found riding anywhere else apart from the designated track will be asked to leave. Riding in the paddock is ordinarily forbidden. Preston Docks do however understand Quads and Sidecars are less easy to get to the gate for scheduled races and so will accept some relaxation, subject to strict adherence to:

  1. Machines moving under power in the paddock only by riders entered for that scheduled race.
  2. Walking pace only. 
  3. Lanyards attached to rider at all times.
  4. Helmets on, fastened.
  5. No lifts

The safety of all people attending an event is paramount and this regulation will be strictly enforced by the NETT Club and also the track owner. Please don't take a chance, understand the rule and follow it.

ACU rules - With the exception of the 50s and 100s class, no one except RIDERS and OFFICIALS shall be permitted to the area of the starting gate. Riders are allowed to groom the area behind the start gate only, provided no tools are used or outside assistance provided.

Where a parent/guardian intends to accompany a rider in the 50s/100s class, they must be signed on first and wear a hi-viz bib at all times on the starting gate. Failure to observe this ACU rule may render the rider disqualified from that race at the discretion of the Clerk of the Course.