The weekend at Dean Moor started very wet and windy so the racing was held back for a little while with the promise of it drying up around 11am. The adults went out first to clear the track for the kids but in all fairness, the first block of racing was wet and muddy.

Racing went according to plan all weekend after that with no hiccups with minimal paramedic/medical intervention all weekend. Everyone seemed to enjoy their days racing and the rain held off, or at least until it was time to empty the bins!!!

Over the weekend there was various fund raising events taking place. There was a cake stall both days, a cream tea served by a butler in the buff (sorry Albert, couldn't resist), and an Auction on Saturday evening in the beer tent.

The cakes went down a storm, and I think Maddy has just about recovered from her cream tea, but the auction was the place to be with some excellent items donated to auction off. Items were donated from all corners - riders, passengers, photographers, ACU and many others. Thank you all.

There was many highlights of the night but a couple that stood out was when Josh Chamberlain auctioned off his third place trophy from Strasbessenbach, Germany. George (known as Grandson No2 to Eric Maguire) was desperate to win it as Josh is one of his hero's. Unfortunately he missed out on it but Paul Hope won the bidding and then gifted it straight to George. The picture on George's face was priceless.

The other moment was when one of our youth members, Jay Sams, who turned 10 prior to the meeting asked if he could auction his birthday cake out of the blue. It was all done up in the NETT colours and logo's. It made a whopping £50.

There was whip round in the beer tent later in the evening for Nathan Robinson and Oliver Sayer to sing what is now known as their Dean Moor Connor Smith Memorial signature song, "Back in the Summer of '69"! 

So, you are probably wondering what all this fundraising was about. It was to help send our quad and sidecar teams to Germany to compete in the SMXON and the QXON. We raised over £3,000 and we believe there is still more coming in.

Thank you to everyone who took part, donated or helped with it all. We would also like to thank Darren (Albert) McPherson and his wife Wendy for arranging it.

Thank you also to Bill Smith and Family for his continued generous support with riders competing in both the Cingoli #660 memorial event and the Deanmoor event.

Our biggest thank you goes out to every person that helps on the day to make these meetings happen. Without you all we couldn't do it. There are too many to mention but you all know who you are.

As we move into our next round in September, we wish both the quad and sidecar teams the best of luck in the Nations and hope that the money raised will help achieve your goals.

Yours in sport.

NETT Club Championship.