The new novice class at the Nett quad club has been designed to welcome new comers and less experienced/less confident riders to the Nett race schedule.

Due to falling adult 450cc numbers the Nett hosts only one adult class race with 3 categories, namely supports, over 40s and Champs which makes for a great club race but does not really cater for the less experienced novice racer.

The new Novice class will run with the 200/250 class. Entrants should be on a 450cc quad and be eligible to ride this class (with the appropriate ACU licence or new ACU dual licence if a rider wishes to ride either a 250 Hybrid or 450cc machine – note only one machine type can be ridden each date entered).

Entrants for this class will be vetted on an individual basis at the discretion of the club committee and the ACU COC on the day. In general the following will apply.

Any 200 or 250 rider can enter the class if they don’t feel confident to ride In the adult race and are eligible to ride a 450cc (minimum age 15, with appropriate licence).

Any Adult newcomer can enter the class on a 450cc quad to gain experience at an entry level if they don't feel confident enough for the adult race.

Novice class eligibility is only valid for 1 season and is a non-point scoring class at all times.

Eligible riders will be reviewed on a rolling round by round basis to assess speed skill performance and lap times. If its deemed necessary a rider will be upgraded to the adult race at the discretion of the club.

Machine eligibility for the Novice class. We would welcome entrants to utilise standard 450cc quads to keep the cost of competition down, however no rules are enforceable for modified machines.

News to follow :

We hope to shortly bring you venues for our dates. We apologise for the length of time but we are working really hard to make sure we have some good tracks to race at, some old faithfuls, some new. We appreciate your patience.