ENTRIES – is your entry in?  If not, please do it now, as entries close Thursday 6pm sharp.

*** NEW*** PARKING  - Please note the area in front of the signing on hut is reserved for club officials and workers.  Please do not park to the side or behind the signing on hut as this is reserved for trade stands only.  Please stick to the hard roads as you make your way to a parking space in the paddock, especially if it has been wet!  

SIGNING ON – Friday night: none – Saturday: 7.30am to 9am & 6pm to 7pm - Sunday: 7.30am to 8.30am (if riding Sunday only).  Please bring your licence/start permission and transponder number to sign on, even if you registered it when you entered. And remember to pick up a programme at sign on for details of the timetable for all weekend.  

PARENT SIGN ON - Parents of 50/100 cc group riders wanting to help their child on the start line must sign on during above hours. On the start line, a BLUE hi-vis bib must be worn and they must step well back when the green flag is raised.  

RIDERS BRIEFING – 10am Saturday, 8.45 am Sunday.

***NEW*** TECHNICAL CONTROL –  ALL BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIP QUADS AND SIDECARS must present their machines for scrutineering Sunday 7.30 to 8.30am. Help us get the day started on time by bringing your machine up ASAP. For all other classes, basic technical conformity checks will be made in the pre -start area before you race.

***NEW*** RUNNING ORDER – completely different to last time – on both days - so please make sure you know when you are racing…. programmes will be available at sign on. The anticipated race order is…

  • Adult Supports/40s
  • 250cc (Y3/Y4)
  • 50cc/100cc (Y1/Y2)
  • Sidecars
  • Championship Quads

Please note – on Sunday British sidecars are out for practice/qualifying FIRST.

*** NEW*** TEAR OFFS – are NOT allowed on this track

PRACTICE & TRANSPONDER CHECK - please be sure to have your number board on your tail for practice and racing –and cover up any numbers on your bike that don’t match your race number.  

At the start of practice, there will be a transponder check lap - please space out going over the finish line so our timing team can pick up your transponder and number board and match your name to your transponder.

***NEW*** GATE PICK - for all groups who don’t have a qualifying session,  the start order for each day will be determined by a peg pick. The peg you pick as you go out to practice determines your start order within your group (not class) for all three races. Exception may be made on the grounds of safety when a group has significantly more riders than can line up on one row. The Start Marshal retains the right to move a bike to another position on the start gate in the interests of safety.

Please be at pre-start area in good time, as riders may be called to the start line when the race before yours is only half over. 

RESULTS – results will be posted on the results board at the sign-on hut after each race. Please check your results after EACH race, particularly RACE 1, and be sure to raise any query you have well before the start of your next race. 

PRIZEGIVINGS – Rd 3 youth awards only will be presented at the end of Saturday. On Sunday afternoon the Connor Smith Memorial trophies will be awarded to all classes alongside the British Championships winners.

CATERING - on site catering will be available throughout the weekend. 

LITTER - please bring your own black bags and take your litter home.  Please be prepared to clear up around you and check you have not left any litter when you depart.  

LOOS – we have been asked to remind you to tidy up after yourselves when in the portaloos and to avoid emptying chemical toilets in them – there will be an IBC in place for this purpose, please use it. 

RESPECT VENUE RULES – please remember, no campfire, no pit bikes, no noise late at night – this help us maintain the good relationship we have with the tracks we hire, so we are always welcomed back.

COVID 19 continues to be front of mind and although many restrictions have been lifted, we ask that everyone continues to take care and respect those around you.  Please be aware that all competitors and their associates are responsible for abiding by and self-policing social distancing protocols. 

Wishing everyone a good and safe weekend. See you there!